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Springville Historic Preservation Commission Grant Application


The Springville Historic Preservation Commission provides small grants to assist home and building owners in protecting and restoring the exterior of their building. To qualify for the grant, the building must:

  • Either be on the National Register of Historic Places or located within the Springville National Historic District, be at least 50 years old and considered a ‘contributing’ building.
  • Can only be used for work on the exterior of the building
  • Must be used on elements of the building that are at least 50 years old
  • Cannot be used for landscaping
  • Cannot be used on building additions that are less than 50 years old


To determine if your building is a contributing building, click on your address on the interactive map located and view the building statistics. Click here to go to interactive map

Once you receive the grant, but before beginning work, you must select and obtain bids from at least three licensed contractors and submit those bids to the Historic Preservation Commission. The work must be completed by one of the licensed contractors represented in the bids you provide to the Commission.

The Springville Historic Preservation Commission reviews grant applications quarterly. The amount of the grant varies depending on the amount of grant money available and the number of people applying for a grant.

Apply for Funding

Apply for Funding


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